Well it’s time to present the main system for you all.

It’s upgraded from Arduino UNO to an Arduino Mega.
I have added some extra function to the system:

  • A Terminal printer, to print out results and high score
  • An SD card to store the result on.
  • 2 more button is added (One OK button and one Select button)
  • the NRF transmitter
  • RTC Clock to hold the time
  • A bigger Display, 20×4

When the game starts up you can choose between wireless or wired version. Please note that the wired version is not in the electric sheet.

There is now possible to select up to 4 players. When one player has shoot, the next one has 30 seconds to get ready to shoot. After a game is done, you get an option to print out the result on the terminal printer.

If there was an high score, it will store it in the SD card and inform you.
There is some other game function. You can select the amount of hits to use in Rapid Fire.
And in the Timed mode you can select between 10, 20 and 30 seconds.

I have uploaded the code to my GitHub page: https://github.com/shootinggame82/Shooting-Sensor

Please read the Readme file to se what library you are needed.

Parts needed for this project is:

  • SD Card Module (We use soft serial for this so it can connect on any pins)
  • NRF Transmitter
  • 4 Buttons
  • 20×4 LCD
  • Terminal printer
  • RTC Module