The box that hold the electronic for the vibration sensor is done. I have made four of them and they will be added to the targets that will be made of steel.

The electronic

Inside each box there will be the electronic for the sensor and the led. To connect the targets with the game system i have chosen to use 3.5 mm phono contacts. They are small and holds up to 3 lines.

On the left side of the phono contact i put the power to the led, and on the right sid i put the signal from the vibration sensor. And the ground is on the ground place in the contact.

I follow the on all sensors and also for the contacts, so then i don’t need to mark up the sensors, i can just connect a cable to one sensor.

Target Sensor

The sensors are very sensitive, a single knock with my finger will indicate for vibration. My model is protective in plastic, but if it’s not enough for indicate the vibration i can just remove them from the plastic shield. But i hope it will be enough.