Arduino Shooting Game

Homemade game for airguns


January 2016

Sensors done

The box that hold the electronic for the vibration sensor is done. I have made four of them and they will be added to the targets that will be made of steel.

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Wireless Sensor

I have made an electric sheet on the wireless sensor will be connected. This is just the first version. I can be changed, since i don’t have the parts yet i just did a sheet in my computer.

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For the target sensor i will use a piezo buzzer. They will react on vibration, when the bullet hits the target, an vibration will start and the piezo will notice this.

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Wireless Communication

The first version i will publish here will not be with wireless communication but i will describe little about that for you.

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My project

I was google around the internet for fun project that i can use with my interest of shooting with Air Guns. In the background i have a big interest in Arduino and Raspberry and electric.

First let me introduce me, my name is Andreas and I’m from Sweden. My english is not 100 % good in spelling so i hope you can understand me anyway.

My goal is to make a shooting target game to clock the time of hiting targets. I found on the internet a person that made a game like that for Soft Air Guns. But my project will be a little more for Co2 Air Guns.

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