Arduino Shooting Game

Homemade game for airguns

Wireless Main System

Well it’s time to present the main system for you all.

It’s upgraded from Arduino UNO to an Arduino Mega.
I have added some extra function to the system:

  • A Terminal printer, to print out results and high score
  • An SD card to store the result on.
  • 2 more button is added (One OK button and one Select button)
  • the NRF transmitter
  • RTC Clock to hold the time
  • A bigger Display, 20×4

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Wireless is ready

I have planning and testing for a long time, for the best solution for the wireless sensor. And im almost ready for the final.

The sensor will have both wireless and cable mode, so it’s possible to use both ways. The wireless sensors will run on 9v battery.

I also made a huge modification on the main system. Upgraded from Arduino UNO to an Arduino Mega. There is now an bigger LCD (20×4) and added an SD card module so i can store best time and other stuff like that.

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Starting with the wireless

It’s now time for start planning for the wireless sensors. I have the wireless transmitter and arduino nano at home, just waiting for some electric components to arrive to start working.

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Wired game done

The wired game is done.

I made it in an water proof case. The piezo sensors is added behind the target to collect the vibration from the bullet in the steel wall in the target.

The system can be powered from an 9v battery or with an cable. I have an switch that i choose the power to the game.

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Sensors done

The box that hold the electronic for the vibration sensor is done. I have made four of them and they will be added to the targets that will be made of steel.

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Wireless Sensor

I have made an electric sheet on the wireless sensor will be connected. This is just the first version. I can be changed, since i don’t have the parts yet i just did a sheet in my computer.

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For the target sensor i will use a piezo buzzer. They will react on vibration, when the bullet hits the target, an vibration will start and the piezo will notice this.

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Wireless Communication

The first version i will publish here will not be with wireless communication but i will describe little about that for you.

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My project

I was google around the internet for fun project that i can use with my interest of shooting with Air Guns. In the background i have a big interest in Arduino and Raspberry and electric.

First let me introduce me, my name is Andreas and I’m from Sweden. My english is not 100 % good in spelling so i hope you can understand me anyway.

My goal is to make a shooting target game to clock the time of hiting targets. I found on the internet a person that made a game like that for Soft Air Guns. But my project will be a little more for Co2 Air Guns.

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